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[ 0 ] July 19, 2007 |


I’m sorry for everything I should have said
For what I didn’t say
For what I shouldn’t have said
And I did
I didn’t know how to handle us

So I made mistakes
And I can only tell you that I’m sorry

I’m sorry for leaving you when I shouldn’t have
Sorry for being there when you wanted to be alone
Sorry for it all
Sorry for the fights you always won
Sorry for not fighting when I should have

I’m sorry for forgetting when you wanted me to remember
Sorry for remembering when I should have forgotten
Sorry for buying you the wrong gifts
And not buying the right ones
I’m sorry

I’m sorry for being wrong when I should of been right
And sorry for being right when I was supposed to be wrong
I’m sorry for never letting you have your way

I’m sorry for drinking when I shouldn’t have
For not being sober like you wanted
You always knew best
I’m sorry for not listening

I’m sorry for loving you so much that I made these mistakes
Blinded by love… I’m sorry
I’m sorry for loving you when you didn’t want me to…
I’m sorry for not loving you right…
I’m sorry for not knowing how to love….

I’m sorry… for being sorry

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