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[ 0 ] August 20, 2007


My heart like a flower
Wilting as its been picked
The petals falling off
Losing these petals
As my mind is lost
Crumbling into nothing
Like my soul has become

Once beautiful in a happy home
Smelling of sweetness
Blowing in the wind
Watered daily showered with rain
Healthy in a perfect world

The water has run dry
Beginning to die
Falling apart at the stem
Not feeling the love
In its garden
With its friends

Petal less
There is nothing left,
But to crumble

by Matthew Henrickson

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All For One

[ 0 ] August 18, 2007

“All For One”

And now I’ll watch you leave again
This time I’m waving
I’m tired of not being good enough
I’m sick of being second and third to them
My ears are shut and I won’t listen
It started to hurt too much
Your words like needles
Piercing my heart
Now I know it wasn’t me you cared about
It was only yourself
You chose not to risk us
You chose to save you
And left me
To fend for myself

by Matthew Henrickson

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[ 1 ] August 9, 2007


Invesp is giving away 400$ just for subscribing to their RSS feed.

The contest is pretty easy with a little twist. To get started, subscribe to their RSS feed. Sometime before the end of August they will post a secret word in their RSS feed. When you see the word you email it to One entry will be picked at random, that person will win 300$.

If the winner is a member of their mybloglog community that total goes up to 400$

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