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Barren Wasteland

[ 2 ] August 5, 2007 |

 “Barren Wasteland”

Life is like a valley.
A valley from which
carries shadows.
A land from uncertinty
and of the dead.
The smell of fear,
from the far.
A given time to
someone’s end.
Like a waterfall
of dry crusty sand.
Nothing can stand,
the wasted heat.
From this barren wasteland,
nothing can be heard,
except the moans of the dead.
The bones are laid in
a pattern for whom to
come and see.
Life has becomed a desert,
for nothing to live.

-Lukas G. 

“My poems aren’t like usual poems…I like to make people think about what they do and what they can see if the future doesn’t come out like we think it might be like. I know this one is kind of dark and I wrote it when I was living in a RV because Hurricane Wilma had destroyed our house…”

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  1. Zmoney says:

    ye I realize they do have a good feel t them tho. I made a poem a while back and its cool to see you have so many =) hmm I’ll really put some thought and maybe start back writing more.

  2. Brenda says:

    Great Work!!!