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Archive for September, 2007

My Heart is Yours

[ 0 ] September 16, 2007

“My Heart is Yours”

How does it feel to be my other half?
You wash i dry
Your ying my yang
Wax on wax off

You’ve become the other part of me
That I’ve been missing
You’ve become the other part of me
That I’ve never had

My heart has been yours
Do with it what you want
My heart is yours
Please don’t break it
My heart has been in your hands
Love it
Like I’ve loved yours
I’ve been yours
Now be Mine

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Imperfectly Perfect

[ 1 ] September 13, 2007

Imperfectly Perfect

Your imperfections are perfect to me
Any mistake you make
Is my own.
If in fact you are wrong
I’ll forgive you always.
When I’m mad at you,
I’m even more mad at myself.
I give myself to you completely
You are my world,
The ground I walk on
And the light showing me the way.
You are the reason I awake each day,
Since you are my life.
A perfect human being,
Only one exists
That happens to be you
And no one else.
Why is this true?
Because I’m in love with you.

by Matthew Henrickson

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