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“Path of Darkness”

[ 0 ] November 14, 2007 |

“Path of Darkness”

Down this path of life
I lost you somewhere along the way
Now it’s dark
I can’t see you
Or even feel you anymore…
you’ve slipped away.

Down this path of life
You lost me somewhere along the way
I was always right behind you,
but you got too far ahead.
I tried to catch up,
but you were already out of reach
The lights turned off
And the world became dark.

Down this path of life
I lost myself
I was left alone…
and didn’t know what to do
I was scared, but I couldn’t hide
The sky went black,
my eyes went blind,
darkness surrounded me,
when you left me behind

By Matthew Henrickson
Written May 6, 2004

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