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Archive for December, 2007

Just Maybe

[ 0 ] December 6, 2007

Great isnt good enough
Excellent falls short of excellence
Understanding isn’t understood
Loving isn’t lovely enough
When the silence falls
The silence sweeps thru
Ending all hopes of a good day
Of a happy day
Of a good week
Of a decent month
Of a loving relationship

I was wrong
But you have been too
Either too proud to admit it
Or too blind to see
Maybe I’m too broken to repair
Or your too tired to care.
Maybe I’m not good enough to fix
Or maybe your too exhausted for a remix.

I love you still
And I always will
So maybe
JUst maybe
What we have
What we feel
Will stay real.

Dated June 16th, 2006

by Matthew Henrickson 

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The Razors Jaw

[ 1 ] December 6, 2007

I’m falling and falling… I hit the ground
I can’t get up and look around
I’m stuck in a deep dark hole
And it’s eating my soul.
I can feel it’s fangs ripping into me
Tearing so violently
There’s no point in fighting
I can’t stop his vicious biting
He soon swallows me whole
Succeeding in his goal.
I can feel it all
Still suffering from my fall
My arms bleeding… soon to scar
My deepest cuts by far
The Razors teeth sink into my skin
It smiles with a grin
He knows he’s won
He knows I’m done.
The dark place… the black hole… it’s what I feel
Yet the hole I try to conceal
But I always fall in
Falling and Falling until I’m sucked in
I try to let the light show through
Yet it soon turns to blue
And finally… goes out
It’s dark again.

Dated March 25, 2003

by Matthew Henrickson

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Untitled Poem

[ 1 ] December 5, 2007

Obsessed with the thought of love, not with me
Not of what we are, but what we could be.
You say you love me… yet you just love the thought
Not worth the fight that should be fought
Soon you will discover what really is true
That you didn’t feel what you thought when you said ‘i love you’
In your eyes
because perfect is what you want me to be,
but its not truly me.

Dated January 20th, 2004

By Matthew Henrickson 

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