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God Saw You Getting Tired

[ 20 ] January 10, 2008 |

Please note I am not claiming to be the author of this poem, the author is unknown

It’s been a tough year for me, Emma and especially her family. I’ve done my best to support everyone, I know how I felt going through loss. On January 6th we put Nana to rest. This poem was dedicated to her and it is really beautiful.

God Saw You Getting Tired

God saw you getting tired
And a cure was not to be,
So He put His arms around you
And whispered “Come with Me.”
With tearful eyes we watched you suffer
And saw you fade away.
Although we loved you dearly,
We could not make you stay.
A golden heart stopped beating,
Laying loving hands at rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best.

She will be definitely missed, a hard worker and the biggest heart for those who she cared about. So giving and took so very little.

In loving memory of Julia “Nana” TerrazasĀ 

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  1. Kianie Langer says:

    Hi I just wanted to say this is a really beautiful poem as I used it at my grandmothers funeral as well. And I just thought you shouild know people have bulilt to your poem as there are 2nd and 3rd versus as well. Thank-you once again. your poem helped me through a tough time and will help others. I still cry to this day when I hear this poem. Thanks again.

  2. SelenaB says:

    This poem was used for my grama’s sister that passed away it was the best out there thanks!

  3. anis says:

    it was so beautiful

  4. kayla says:

    thank you for this poem we used it at my dads funeral and i grew really found of it over the years i am 14 and this poem still brings tears to my eyes. it decribed his life so to the point so thank you author so much <3

  5. mojalefa says:

    I lost my sister a couple of months ago, it was hard coming to terms with her sudden departure but your poem made me realised Gods reason. Thank you and may God bless you with more wise words that bring heal to the hearts of all those who lost someone special

  6. Shasta says:

    LOVE IT! That is so beautiful!

  7. Brittney Bobolinski says:

    beleive me or not, but this poem is all over the internet, i was sitting next to my mother who was writing this in the hospital for reason’s i ont like to say; but everyone claim’s it to be there’s, when really my mom wrote this poem, straight out of her heart, onto line’s of a paper, i swear to god, i think it’s foolish people are stealing it!

  8. Robert Crawford III says:

    That is an amazing poem I write myself but that really takes ones breath away. It will touch anyone that reads that has lost a dear one.

  9. Uni77 says:

    This was used at my uncles funeral, and my heart goes out to everyone that has ever lost a family member.

  10. meeka says:

    Today, I received an email from Layla Loretta Maples in reference to the poem in this discussion, God Saw You Getting Tired. She was very gracious to respond to us, and it is unfortunate that she is no longer able to take anyone’s word on true authorship of any work submitted to her.
    Fortunately, this poem written in 1986 has all dated submission papers to the Standard Times and documentation to prove ownership, so my mother’s work is protected. She CHOOSES not to have her name on it, which is her right. It is quite possible that throughout the years, this poem has been altered, lengthened, or shortened, however, it is still a copyrighted piece. My mother said that anyone can use it, however, do NOT state you are the author. That is stealing.
    Layla asked me to post her email, for all to see, in this column. For anyone else that was misled into believing this heartfelt poem was written by any friend or member of their family, be sure to always look for the copyright information PRIOR to claiming it.
    Thank you, Layla, for the kind words you sent to my mother and me.
    Kathleen Coelho
    Here is the link, please remove this person for lying and remaking someones published poem.

  11. Shayla Struve says:

    THIS IS A FAKE!!!! Ivonne Bobolinski wrote this and its all reworded and crapppp, u sir are a poem stealer!!!!!

  12. There obviously is some confusion about this poem. I do not claim to be the author or does anyone know for sure who it is. This poem was offered in a book from a mortuary with this poem in it. It’s been listed as “unknown”.

    I have searched and many “claim” to be the author but I don’t see any proof of it anywhere.

    Again in this post I do not claim to be the author, the poem is a lot older than I am lol.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    If you’d like to see my personal poems you can go to this category:

  13. Kathleen Coelho says:

    Hi, This poem is in fact copyrighted and was written by my mom in 1986 for my father when he passed on. We have the paperwork from the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. as proof to anyone else who states they are the author of this beautiful poem. For those who feel that I am lying, please contact the Library of Congress and look up the information as to who the author is. It’s right there. Mom said this poem can be used, but please, do not claim something that isn’t yours. Thank you.
    Kathleen Coelho

  14. Again I am not claiming it to be my work as stated several times.

  15. Kathleen says:

    Ivonne Bobolinski is not the author. Shayna Struve has been misinformed. I am not accusing the owner of this web site as stealing this poem. These are the facts: web site, click on search, type in the title – all info is right there, including first date of publication and where it was published back in 1987, registration number, etc. Thank you. Kathleen Coelho

  16. kathleen says:

    Matthew: I am not stating that you are claiming this poem. Apologies if that is what you thought. This is directed to shayla.

  17. Chris says:

    A lovely poem no matter who the author is, which seems to be debatable. It does appear that a copyright for this poem was registered by Frances M Coelho and Kathleen F Coelho in April OF THIS YEAR (2011). But given that it appears that Kathleen is running around the web calling all sort of people liars and thieves (this is the third or fourth I’ve seen while doing my own investigation of this poem), I think it should be noted that it has already been pointed out in a different discussion on this same topic (in which Kathleen was also involved, making the same claims and accusations as she is here) that this poem (or a slightly different version of it) was published in the Schenectady Gazette in 1974. So the fact that Ms Coelho was able to register a copyright in 2011 for a poem whose author was previously unknown (and apparently unregistered) doesn’t prove authorship. As it appears to me, based on the post in the Gazette (made 12 years before the poem was supposedly authored by Ms Coelho – by her own admission), that Ms Coelho must have done a little “borrowing” of her own. And, as a writer, I intend to have the Library of Congress investigate Ms Coelho’s copyright registration. Perhaps they will be able to get to the bottom of the matter. (Ref:,1259114&dq=god-saw-you-getting-tired&hl=en THIRD COLUMN, TOWARD BOTTOM OF PAGE). May God Bless and comfort all who are grieving the loss of a loved one!

  18. Kris says:

    This poem is so beautiful. We used this poem at my grandfathers funeral. The first time I heard it, I fell in love with each. After the reading of the poem at the funeral, there was not a dry eye in the place. God Bless to all those who have lost loved ones.

  19. Tiny says:

    i culd cry right now just by reading this poem its very true I think God does choose the great ones even if it hurts others but at least we were touched by that person in a way that it effected our lives masivly

  20. Kathleen Coelho says:

    Correction to my comment…My Mom wrote this poem in 1939 at the passing of her mother, Frances Medeiros. She took a copy of the poem out again at the first anniversary passing of my father (who died in 1986), in April of 1987, and had it published in the New Bedford Standard Times (New Bedford, Mass.). In 2011, after seeing her poem all over the Internet, I contacted the Library of Congress to get the copyright and was told there were a lot of people claiming authorship to this poem. When I mentioned that Mom had mailed it to herself when she originally wrote it in 1939 (Poor Man’s Copyright), it was sent over to Washington D.C. (unopened) and then she was, in fact, awarded the copyright to this poem as the proven author. She only added my name because of the few changes we made on it together. That’s the true story; I didn’t explain it correctly the first time; I do apologize for any confusion. Thank you. Kathie