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[ 1 ] February 27, 2008


February 18th, 2008

Each line is a direction
Each direction has an arrow
Each arrow pulls me a different way
Each different way is a new path
Each new path is a new chance
Each new chance is a new hope
Each new hope gives me something more

Something more is a new start
A new beginning
To change your life
Fix your mistakes
Find happiness.

It all starts with a direction
An arrow pointing you in a certain way
But it’s up to you to chose the right one.

Follow the lines and you’ll end
Back where you started.

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What is The Razors Jaw?

[ 3 ] February 20, 2008

On January 1st, I received a great review of this blog at Darn Good Reviews. He connected with several of my poems and had questions about The Razors Jaw. I’ve never really done this before, but even though it is an old poem I am going to break down the poem.

The Razors Jaw

I’m falling and falling… I hit the ground
I can’t get up and look around
I’m stuck in a deep dark hole
And it’s eating my soul.
I can feel it’s fangs ripping into me
Tearing so violently
There’s no point in fighting
I can’t stop his vicious biting
He soon swallows me whole
Succeeding in his goal.

I felt so alone during the time when I wrote a lot of these poems. It just burned inside. Nothing is perfect, but I put myself out so much, that’s just the way I am. Of course that means you will be hurt a lot. The Razors Jaw is just what it sounds like. The reference is to cutting myself. I used to get very upset and it would calm me down.

I can feel it all
Still suffering from my fall
My arms bleeding… soon to scar
My deepest cuts by far
The Razors teeth sink into my skin
It smiles with a grin
He knows he’s won
He knows I’m done.

Falling would just be the feeling I felt. Never can get my feet down. I cut sometimes, never too deep, just more scratches than anything. They are gone now…

The dark place… the black hole… it’s what I feel
Yet the hole I try to conceal
But I always fall in
Falling and Falling until I’m sucked in
I try to let the light show through
Yet it soon turns to blue
And finally… goes out
It’s dark again.

Darkness was how I felt with everything. I was needy in a sense I wanted someone always there with me. Even then the ‘lights’ never turned back on. Even though I had people surrounding me and helping so much, they always found a way to let me down in the end.

It’s tough to read poems like that and kind of feel what I felt again. I am thankful I had poetry among other things to express myself. If I didn’t have a paper and a pen with me at all times I don’t know what I would of done.

I still turn to that now, as you can see about the poem I just wrote last night.

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Finally, Together

[ 0 ] February 19, 2008

Finally Together
Feb 18th, 2008

The times have changed
For me and you
Too much
That we’ve already been through.
The light seems less bright
At the end of our tunnel
A little bit dimmer
Than it used to be.
I try to see
The way you do
To see the same
View as you.
When I see
You look the other way
And I lose sight
of you and me.
Is it real? The life we live
Or is this just before it really starts.
The hardship and pain
We must first endure
Our true test
Before we can be one.

Belong to eachother
And follow the path
Finally, together.

By Matthew Henrickson

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