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[ 1 ] February 27, 2008 |


February 18th, 2008

Each line is a direction
Each direction has an arrow
Each arrow pulls me a different way
Each different way is a new path
Each new path is a new chance
Each new chance is a new hope
Each new hope gives me something more

Something more is a new start
A new beginning
To change your life
Fix your mistakes
Find happiness.

It all starts with a direction
An arrow pointing you in a certain way
But it’s up to you to chose the right one.

Follow the lines and you’ll end
Back where you started.

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  1. Thaleia says:

    The end of the line
    that’s where you would be
    but now you’re this far
    it seems like a dream

    The end of the line
    has caused so much pain
    to miss you this much
    it’s driving me insane

    The end of the line
    it shines there, the sun
    ’cause at the end of the line
    a new one begun