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Falling To Pieces

[ 6 ] August 22, 2008 |

Puzzle Pieces
Falling To Pieces
August 22nd, 2008

Frustration eating me inside and out
Trying to keep it together
As I slowly fall apart
The cracks in my soul show through
As if my entire body was cut in half
Then again.

Picking myself up as I go
Trying to keep it together
All in one piece.
But those pieces of me are crumbling on the floor
Barely keeping it in.
I can’t put the pieces back together
Of the puzzle
That has become my life.

I can’t keep it together.
Until I explode,
Dropping all of those pieces.
In turn losing myself
And You.

by Matthew Henrickson

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Comments (6)

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  1. Simon says:

    Hi Matthew – I just voted for you on Perfect Business in response to your email and then followed this link through. Not sure I’ve been here before. That poem sums up how I felt today. I think there’s a lot of emotion inside a lot of us these days, hence all the techniques for dissolving it that I blog about. It still seems to keep on coming though – and as you say, it can affect our relationships with others as well as with ourselves. I find it helps to just accept how we feel – go easy on ourselves – then at least one layer of frustration is removed.

  2. loozegear says:

    I think everyone can identify with this piece at point in their life

  3. matt says:

    Thanks for the great comments, I am glad you enjoyed the poem.

    Frusteration is tough because the only thing that can really relieve that is success, which is often harder than it seems.

  4. matt says:

    So you found me.

  5. Earnest W says:

    All your poems are touching. I feel uplifted reading them, working on a few poems myself. I would like to know? Where do you get the Inspertation from?

  6. It’s all from inside Earnest. Thanks for reading!