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Your Guardian Angel

[ 2 ] April 11, 2009 |

Your Guardian Angel
April 10th, 2009

I’ve always been an Angel
The one supposed to guard your heart.
The one supposed to be your savior
At all costs.

I’ve always been the Guardian
That’s not only supposed to protect
And keep you safe,
But the one to heal all wounds.

I’ve always been a Guardian Angel
To all those that have needed me.
Rescued from nightmares
And every bad dream.

I’ve been by your side whenever I’ve been needed
Even not physically present, I’ve succeeded.
The voice guiding you down the right path
With whatever choices you face.

This Guardian Angel always protecting, but never protected
Is a fallen angel,
With broken wings and a broken soul.
Never truly, having His own, Guardian Angel.

His pieces have been scattered,
All throughout his life
Reaching out for someone
To be the one to save His life.
Always with a strong face,
Never letting in, He’ll always have to be the protector,
Without ever being protected.

My mistake with this poem, was that I stopped halfway through it, so it kind of got a bit broken. I’m definitely open to thoughts on how to make this one better. So many emotions with this though, its hard to fight through it. I’ve always been that one, wearing the Halo… Guardian Angel, but never perfect, far from it. Being strong for those that have needed me too, but I’ve never been able to be strong for myself. At least not when it counts. Depression is tough, and I haven’t had it this bad in a while.

The Guardian Angel, without a true Guardian Angel of His own. Who will save Him?

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  1. Brenda says:

    I have read your poem Guardaian angel, over and over again,I can relate to the things that you are feeling, while writing this touching work. I believe the broken angel,had his own needs, but he didn’t know how to explain to others.The angel never took the time out to seach inside his own soul,because of his concern and love for others.

  2. Jenie says:

    Matthew, I know what u mean! Did you read Brenda’s comment? In my opinion and experience, she couldn’t have said it better. I struggle everyday with the same issues. Wish I had the answer…