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What A Shame

[ 8 ] June 7, 2009 |

What A Shame

What A Shame
To be alive but never live, What A Shame!

To be blessed with everything, yet enjoy nothing; What A Shame,
To have the gift of knowledge and not help someone else to learn,
What A Shame!
To be full with greatness an ideas and share with know one but yourself,
What A Shame!

To refuse to give of yourself
What A Shame!

To have eyes but refuse to see,
Ears but refuse to hear,
Hands but refuse to reach out to others,
Feet but refuse to go that extra mile;
What A Shame, What A Shame, What A Shame!!!

Written by Brenda G. Partridge-Brown
Stone Mountain, Georgia

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Comments (8)

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  1. Marissa says:

    This poem speaks truth and makes you think. It gives great inspiraton to someone who has no idea what the purpose of life is. Kudos!!!! Job well done Brenda G. Partridge-Brown!

  2. Reemyy says:

    I love it, so true!! Great Job Brenda

  3. Tim says:

    YES! This sister is keeping it real! Great Job Brenda!

  4. Almarza says:

    YES! This sister is keeping it real! Great Job Brenda!;

  5. LaBell says:

    I really understand what the poet is saying.We must use our gifts, to help those who are in need! Super job!!!

  6. Robin says:

    This poem is to the point! Great job!

  7. Nacy says:

    Spoken from the heart an soul, great job!!!

  8. Ronney says:

    Well written poem!