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You Are The One by Sabraya Ibrahim

[ 1 ] October 19, 2009 |

I’ve never really edited other peoples poetry before my own. I did help Lamia with her poem This Is For You, but other than that nothing.

Lately I have gotten some submissions that were very “raw” poetry. More of a muddled lump of feelings with no structure. Sabraya sent me this poem, filled with such emotion I had to structure it for her and this is what I got.

You Are The One

You are . .

The one who has a hold on my dreams
The one who I never want to leave
The one who I remembers the past is the past cause we are the future

You are…

The one don’t want to be without
The one who suppresses the pain
The one who is my guiding light
The one who brings me up when I am down
The one who makes me smile while being the only one to give me butterflies
The one who has given me hope, to love, to be special
The one who makes it easier to live day by day without shedding tears

You are my first love and God willing the only
You are my heart, my soul and everything in between
You are it…
You are my trouble and my annoyance, but we make it through
You are him.

You are…

The one my heart belongs to forever
The one that’s always on my mind

The words on the tip of my tongue…
I . . love you, yet i can not say them enough
Enough to express my hearts joy to have found someone..
To my heart with yours.

You are my love, my hope and my strength.
You are truly, My one and only

by Sabraya Ibrahim
edited by Matthew Henrickson

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  1. I really enjoy this poem. It`s the first I`ve read at the site. I would love to subit one if as well.