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It Is Time To Update

[ 4 ] January 10, 2010

I haven’t updated in forever. I haven’t forgot about you all with the submitted poetry. I’ve never really been as successful as I have been now. My site, Its All Free Online, has really taken off and I put in tons of time there.

Today my new friend John shared a tragic story on his blog. For some reason I felt compelled to share how I felt about my dad and how death has affected me. Sometimes I just think how it would be different had he not died. The two most important people in my life, will never get to know the man that I loved and loved me. I can’t imagine someone NOT liking him, he was that guy. I only hope he is proud of me.

The point of this post is to share the comment I left on John’s blog.

My dad died 1 month before my girlfriend got pregnant (I was 18). It was at the end of my first college semester. I took time off school, completed the classes, but never went back.

I tear up as I write about stuff like that. It’s something that I took really hard for a while and just kind of put away. Now when I talk or write about it, it’s really hard for me.

I was always pretty close with my dad and the months before he died we had grown farther apart. I always tried to make it better, then he would call me drunk and say mean things. He never did that to me ever… I didn’t know how to handle it. I was always his boy, and for him to treat me that way I was heartbroken. Through that hurt I wanted to hate him.

I watch these dumb shows and these kids get to make up with their father etc (that dumbass teen mom show!) I’ll never get to do that :-/

Thanks for the vent man, your not alone

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