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Fork in the Road Poem

[ 1 ] May 21, 2010

fork in the road

Fork in the Road

May 21st, 2010

As we continue on our path
I can no longer guide you
Making your choices isn’t fair to you
And lying to me about what you do
Isn’t fair to me.

This long path we’ve been walking on
No longer makes sense, it hasn’t
I’ve demanded more from you
That you don’t want to give
I’ve given you time
That I didn’t feel I had

Now it’s time for you
To reach that fork in the road
I will be on one side
With open arms, hoping you will join me
My heart wide open, always loving you

On the other side will be your own path
Without me, after so long
Making your own choices, only you to blame

Throughout I can’t be selfish
I want to bring you to that fork in the road
For you to choose for yourself
Regardless of what I feel
I only want,
Your Happiness.
Maybe then, I will find mine.

by Matthew Henrickson

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Losing the Fight Poem

[ 0 ] May 20, 2010


Losing the Fight
May 20th, 2010

Has it been a waste?
A ghost of a past relationship
Before it was just us,
Us against the world
Backed in a corner
Fighting to be heard
Fighting to be taken seriously
Fighting for each other.

But now the fight has turned against me
I no longer have the partner I once had
Now I am fighting against you
Fighting for you
It feels like the match is coming to an end
The bell is going to sound any minute
And in the end
I feel like I am on the losing team.

The taste of blood is in my mouth
I’ve been hit below the belt too many times
My body aches, my heart is bruised
Drenched in sweat
Scars show how I’ve been abused

I don’t want the world,
I don’t need it all
My only wish now
Is for you
To be back in my corner.

By Matthew Henrickson

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