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Risking My Heart

[ 0 ] June 23, 2010

Risking My Heart

The idea is nice, until reality sinks in
For you it’s not if, but when
I can only go on so long
With the dream that we belong together
I can’t wait until your ready
I don’t know if you will ever be.
You promise me the world,
That I don’t know if we will ever see.

You ask for time that I’ve already lost
You want to find yourself, at my hearts cost
It’s about you until your ready for me
But how long will it take you to truly see?
You are risking love, you’ve been risking my heart
And you continue to, the longer we are apart.

It’s this life or the next
It’s me or them
It comes down to one decision
It comes down to time
And if in time, you can’t make that decision
It will be made for you.
And we will be lost forever.

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Broken Again

[ 0 ] June 21, 2010

I wanted to write, to get it out. The feelings the words the thoughts. Everything. But it’s so intense and all over the place I can’t get one clear idea out.

I have put everything into being with you. I have worked what felt like forever just so we had something. Something that was OURS. Our own things, our own lives, not being dependent on anyone else but each other. I am finally at that place in my life, and now you aren’t there.

Once again you’ve put yourself over me, while I have sacrificed everything for you. Again you are selfish, only seeing your side. Again you’re lies are your own, while I only have true words for you. It’s not about me, as if it ever was. I can only give you so much before I lose myself, and that’s where I feel I am going. I am lost. The worst part is you don’t even care. Or maybe you do, and everything is just fucked up.

Broken Again

The darkness is back
The battle is over
Our time is up
The game was lost
In the end I paid the cost
My damaged heart, broken again.

I can’t explain the pain I feel
Betrayed can’t be the right word
But one doesn’t exist
I’ve made you my life
And with it taken away
I feel like I have nothing left.

If you are everything and I am nothing,
What do I have now?

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