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Caring to Forget Poem

[ 2 ] February 14, 2011 |

Caring to Forget
by Jessica Hartley

It’s so hard to admit I miss you
When I know you don’t care at all
It’s so hard to remember the mountain top
When I so vividly remember the fall
I remember when we were happy
When nothing could tear us apart
I remember how complete I felt
Now I have the pain of a broken heart

My mind has been running in circles
It won’t let me sleep at night
My body has become exhausted
My heart wants to give up the fight

I never imagined I’d be here
Missing everything we had and shared
I thought I was over this feeling
I thought I no longer cared
But this pain has become too much
I can’t keeping hiding how I feel
Everything has come crashing down
Nothing in my life seems real

I never thought I’d be here
I didn’t think it was true
But here I am, still in pain
Because I’m missing you

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Comments (2)

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  1. Allison says:

    This poem made me think of my father and the relationship that we have; it brought me to tears. You said everything that I wanted to say to him. Thank you for you for your craft, nicely executed.

  2. Jessica Hartley says:

    Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed reading and were able to relate to the poem. =)