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Fighting the Night

[ 0 ] March 20, 2010

Fighting the Night

Not drinking the bottle, has made my mind clear
Every night facing my biggest fear
Reliving pain, hurt, and deep sorrow
Never forgetting the images when I wake up tomorrow
Seeing myself cry in pain
Hurts more than living through it.

Since I’m not numb my mind races
It’s not easy keeping those bad thoughts out
Fighting that addiction
That has been killing me slowly
Long enough to keep me alive
To feel pain again.

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Innocent Love

[ 9 ] February 3, 2010

Innocent Love
by Matthew Henrickson

It started so fast
And it has lasted so long
An innocent love
Young and immature
But thrown into adulthood so soon.

Our love has always survived
As if it was meant to be
Creating not only love
But another beautiful life.

Through truth and lies
Laughs and cries
Your smile has always shown through
But what happens when
That big grin
Dies and becomes something blue.

Will our love always be true?

I haven’t written in forever, but I have a feeling that is just the first to come. I feel like I am at a place that I hate being in. My life just feels like a fight.

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It Is Time To Update

[ 4 ] January 10, 2010

I haven’t updated in forever. I haven’t forgot about you all with the submitted poetry. I’ve never really been as successful as I have been now. My site, Its All Free Online, has really taken off and I put in tons of time there.

Today my new friend John shared a tragic story on his blog. For some reason I felt compelled to share how I felt about my dad and how death has affected me. Sometimes I just think how it would be different had he not died. The two most important people in my life, will never get to know the man that I loved and loved me. I can’t imagine someone NOT liking him, he was that guy. I only hope he is proud of me.

The point of this post is to share the comment I left on John’s blog.

My dad died 1 month before my girlfriend got pregnant (I was 18). It was at the end of my first college semester. I took time off school, completed the classes, but never went back.

I tear up as I write about stuff like that. It’s something that I took really hard for a while and just kind of put away. Now when I talk or write about it, it’s really hard for me.

I was always pretty close with my dad and the months before he died we had grown farther apart. I always tried to make it better, then he would call me drunk and say mean things. He never did that to me ever… I didn’t know how to handle it. I was always his boy, and for him to treat me that way I was heartbroken. Through that hurt I wanted to hate him.

I watch these dumb shows and these kids get to make up with their father etc (that dumbass teen mom show!) I’ll never get to do that :-/

Thanks for the vent man, your not alone

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Ghost Afterlife

[ 0 ] September 28, 2009

This is one of my favorite poems and I can’t believe I didn’t have this one published on here. This poem was actually inspired by a book as well as how I felt at the time. High school can be brutal.

The book was The Afterlife by Gary Soto.

Ghost Afterlife

Like a ghost
You see right through me
Invisible to your sight,
but I’m here

Like a ghost
You walk right through me
I’m undetectable from your touch,
but I’m here

Like a ghost
You can’t hear me
My words have fallen deaf to your ears,
but I’m here

Like a ghost
You can feel my presence
but your not sure if I’m real
I’ve been overlooked, but I’m here

Like a ghost, you can reach through my body
Which you’ve already done
And pull out my non-existent heart
Which you’ve already broken

All I am now is a ghost
Trying not to disappear
Piece by piece I start to vanish
Trying to hold on, to my afterlife

By Matthew Henrickson

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No Longer

[ 0 ] September 18, 2009

No Longer

It’s always a new excuse
Always a new reason
Another retreat from a fight
Making it my fault.

It shows you don’t care
Your fights are one-sided
Never mature enough
To understand both sides.

I’m tired of begging
I’m tired of pleading
Your attention isn’t worth it
It shouldn’t be a fight
It should be a given.

Going back to never enough
I’m sorry I don’t have anymore to give
My body, soul, and mind are so exhausted
From your constant ‘taking’.

I no longer have the strength
I no longer have the endurance
I no longer have the patience
I no longer have the will to make my heart hurt.

by Matthew Henrickson

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What Does It Mean?

[ 2 ] September 10, 2009

I’m not sure if I like this one, and it feels more like a song. Anyhow it’s new.

What Does It Mean?

What does it mean
When eye contact goes out the window
And avoidance becomes the regular
You seem to always avoid me,
And I hide way too much

No more quick hugs in the hallway
No more sweet kisses in the kitchen
No more love on the highway
No more subtle touches throughout the day

I grab your hand
I try to hold it
Like quicksand I fall right through
You brush me off every chance you get
As I reach to hug you
I hug myself…

Each time I fail my heart beats faster
Now all alone seems to be where I fit.

by Matthew Henrickson

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Silent Defeat

[ 0 ] September 9, 2009

Silent Defeat
Written 9/9/09!

It’s all coming back
The buried pain
Unresolved anger
The burning soul
And dissolving life

The pens run out of ink
The story of my heart
Exploding on to the page
Right through the paper.

The dark hole opening up
Trying to swallow me slowly
I’ve fought it for so long
I can’t get away

The darkness comes
The light goes black
The air runs cold
And I succumb to your attack

The only thing left is Silence
And Defeat.

by Matthew Henrickson

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Words of a Poet on Facebook

[ 0 ] September 7, 2009

Words Of A Poet Button

Words of a Poet is officially on Facebook. I’ve had some success with growing Facebook fan pages for my other websites, so I hope this one will do well also.

Words of a Poet is over 2 years old now, so we have accumulated quite a few poems. Of course we have a few of our favorites, but we’ve also seen an increase of submissions lately. Please feel free to submit anything you would like to see published.

With our Facebook page we will include my poems (I’ve got 70 on here so we have plenty to share) as well as submitted and famous poetry. With a poem updated daily I hope this well help us grow, find new poets, and have a great place to discuss them.

I want to give a big thank you to Candy over at Serendipity Mommy for making me a great button. Within a few hours she had it made up for me! Perfect.

Become a fan of Words of a Poet on Facebook.

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