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Category: Matthew Henrickson Poetry


[ 0 ] July 19, 2007


I’m sorry for everything I should have said
For what I didn’t say
For what I shouldn’t have said
And I did
I didn’t know how to handle us

So I made mistakes
And I can only tell you that I’m sorry

I’m sorry for leaving you when I shouldn’t have
Sorry for being there when you wanted to be alone
Sorry for it all
Sorry for the fights you always won
Sorry for not fighting when I should have

I’m sorry for forgetting when you wanted me to remember
Sorry for remembering when I should have forgotten
Sorry for buying you the wrong gifts
And not buying the right ones
I’m sorry

I’m sorry for being wrong when I should of been right
And sorry for being right when I was supposed to be wrong
I’m sorry for never letting you have your way

I’m sorry for drinking when I shouldn’t have
For not being sober like you wanted
You always knew best
I’m sorry for not listening

I’m sorry for loving you so much that I made these mistakes
Blinded by love… I’m sorry
I’m sorry for loving you when you didn’t want me to…
I’m sorry for not loving you right…
I’m sorry for not knowing how to love….

I’m sorry… for being sorry

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Risk of My Heart

[ 0 ] July 17, 2007

Risk of My Heart

I’m afraid to talk to you
At my hearts risk
I’m afraid to open up to you
So the pain doesn’t flow in
I’m afraid of life…
Because I can’t lose
I’m afraid of moving on
Because your memory still thrives in my mind
I’m afraid of tomorrow
Because of yesterday
I’m afraid to wake up today
Because it will never be the same
I’m afraid we won’t be together
Because we aren’t now
I’m afraid to chase after you
Because I fell
I’m afraid you got away
Because you ran too fast for me
I’m afraid you’ll get away
Because I didn’t have the right thing to say

by Matthew Henrickson

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Let’s Pretend

[ 0 ] July 16, 2007

“Lets pretend”

Let’s pretend we are happy…
Ignore how we truly feel
Let’s pretend we aren’t hurt
It’s easier not to
Let’s pretend that you are by my side
It’s hard to be strong enough for two
Let’s pretend that life isn’t hard
So we don’t show our weakness
Let’s pretend we are in it together
It’s lonely being alone
Let’s pretend we are someone else
So no one knows who we really are
Let’s pretend the past doesn’t matter
Our bad memories keep me up at night
Let’s pretend I don’t miss you
It’s hard not to be missed back
Let’s pretend we are perfect together
And ignore that we always fight
Let’s pretend we aren’t in love
It hurts too much

Let’s pretend we aren’t pretending

by Matthew Henrickson

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Because You Can’t; Because You Won’t

[ 0 ] July 15, 2007

“Because You Can’t”

I miss you when I’m awake
And when I sleep
I miss you when you’re next to me
Or when I’m holding you
Because I know soon I’ll be nothing again
You’ll once more look past me
Not because you don’t love me
Just because you can’t
Because you won’t

I miss you when I’m awake
And when I’m asleep
I miss you always
Because you’re not mine like you used to be…
You belong elsewhere… which isn’t with me
Not because you don’t love me
Just because you can’t
Because you won’t

I’ve always missed you
Awake or Asleep
Reality or in Dreams…
Ever since I lost you
When I realized how much you are of me
When I realized… too late

I love you when I’m awake
And I love you when I’m asleep
I love you even though you can’t love me
And even though you won’t

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A Piece of My Love

[ 1 ] July 14, 2007

“A Piece of my Love”

No strings attached
Ill give you love tonight
Even if we don’t love each other
Magic on our fingertips
Sweetness on our tender lips
Passion with each breath we take
I know tonight will be a special night
Feeling ecstasy before you touch me
Just by having you by my side
Hearing your heart beat
And feeling you quiver at my touch
Tonight will last always in my memory
Giving you a piece of my love
Of my heart
A piece of me

By Matthew Henrickson

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Words of Beauty

[ 2 ] January 28, 2007

“Words of Beauty”
January 15th, 2004

My beautiful words, speak for my heart
Surprisingly not waiting for yours
Expected nothing, but nothing…
Then you can no longer disappointment me
My memories I can’t let go
Even If I wanted…
Providing comfort and pain,
In one thought.

My beautiful words, will no longer be said
My heart to remain broken
Silencing my words
Keeping them to myself
I know you don’t care for them…
As I remain quiet
It burns my throat
And stings my heart

My beautiful words…
Are no longer words
Just the past…
And now just thoughts.

by Matthew Henrickson

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