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Fans of Words of a Poet

I’ve always dreamt of writing my own book, preferably poetry. If I wouldn’t have channelled my feelings through writing, I don’t know how I would have expressed the emotions. Since I haven’t been published I love sharing my poems on this website.

Through the years of sharing them, we have received some ‘fan mail’ that always makes my day when I get it. So I thought I should recognize these people for recognizing me!

Chae’ Cadogan – “This site is really nice, I come here often to read poetry and it inspires me.

Breyanna – “I love this website!”

Brenda G.Partridge-Brown – I pray that all is well for you and your family today. I wanted to write and say thank you, for giving other poets the opportunity to express ourselves,and maybe help a reader who just needed to hear a word of encouragement!”

We actually have one of Brenda’s poems that you can read What a Shame.